Poem for a Friend

Hey, I hope you don’t mind

me saying this:

But lately,

I’ve been


On what is it


I find so

charming about you.

Just thinking about it makes me smile.

I like sharing time with you!

And it doesn’t matter we don’t see

each other for weeks






I’m glad to know you miss us too

and we are also in your thoughts…

So what it is then?


Believe me

when I say

I’ve put some time into this riddle.

Ok. Here goes:

Nowhere have I found a place (until now)

where I can be so vulnerable—and still feel so safe.

In fact,

I feel really good

about myself

when we

are together. Go figure.


I said it.

Nothing like a good vent between friends, eh?

Are you blushing?

You can always make me laugh..

…and I always feel better.

You laugh at my jokes—.

and don’t take offense.

You never take sides.










Seen without you.

Of course

my worst




I somehow


or not

Hurt you—

That would break me.

I pray, Lord keep you safe always

MIRRORS: A special series of Reflections on Life and Love ❤️

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1. Always, always be kind. You never know what the other person is going through

2. Love yourself unabashedly. Others will want to share in what you have

3. Make time to be alone. Daily, if possible, just lose yourself in prayer, thoughts or anything

4. Say “I love you,” a lot. To your spouse, child, parent, friend…

5. Be a confidant. Keep other’s confidences forever – it’s their story to tell, not yours

6. Seriously, don’t take yourself so seriously. If you think you’re all that no one will honestly respect you – (see number 1)

7. Have faith and let it show. Be proud of your faith

8. Ask for guidance and be patient. Whew! One of the most difficult tasks until you get it right

9. Listen. You learn more and can share more when you listen

10. Forgive. Whatever is eating at you, whatever you did or said, forgive yourself and others too

LAMPS: A special series of Top 10 Life Lessons ❤️

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Hello, Friends.
Yeka, like myself, professes love. And that’s all you need, especially in today’s turbulent times. I write a lot about the sea, religion, but love is my favorite. I always come back to it as I’m sure all of you do. Poetic style changes, our lives change, but the true meaning of life never does. It is the one thing that remains constant, love. Always there for you, sincere and unconditional.
Peace and love, Lance Sheridan

A long love

Love is handily made of what is necessary

To replace a loneliness;

A plainly made agreement on paper to stop

The holes- the one in the heart, 

The one for a singular arrangement established

By a length of emptiness.

Did she mean, did he say, you do not cry,

Tell lightly what you meant;

All of which nobody not you knew.

But it is so. Once in a while you wait.

There is no search, but there is hope.

A circle of a ring and a chance for pleasure

And not getting tired of it,

It shows there is no mistake.

A commitment is a commitment and does

Not connect under a bed.

The sight of a reason, the same sight slighter,

The intention to wishing,

The same splendor is a necessity needed.

A method of love, a single climb to a system,

Lily white with a noise and a grace;

Not in a catalogue, not a resignation-

All makes for a silver lining with no ribbon.

Copyright © 07/06/2019 lance sheridan®

MIRRORS: A special series of Reflections on Life and Love ❤️

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Mmmmmmmm. Rich chocolate biscuits. Ahhhhhhhhhh. I just love!

When my brother, Chef Carlo Batucan, flew home from Australia for a brief R&R break, he brought me some yummy goodies. Well, he always does. That’s automatic. Major thoughtfulness? That’s his department.  He consistently spoils our family and lavishes us with all the love, love, love. He is simply the most amazing brother who ever walked the face of the earth!

Anyway, back to my story …..

He asked me to taste two brands of rich chocolate biscuits: Arnott’s and Milka. Actually, I’ve already tasted a lot of their products in the past. In fact, I’ve tasted so many other delectable brands all over the world as well. It’s just that this time, we wanted to play a “Which Tastes Better Game” (The Battle of the Biscuits) with our family. Part of our fun bonding and chilling when we enjoyed our sumptuous dinner and dessert date.

Both Arnott’s and Milka made me smile that night. And yet, the winner for me was Arnott’s. That was the major player that evening. And NOT to my surprise, my mom and sister took a liking to that brand too. Result? Three happy, gorgeous smiles ….. from my mom, my sister, and me. The Arnott’s brand promise of “There is no substitute” was delivered excellently …. and swiftly …. to our happy, satisfied tummies. You got the picture. The yummy pack was literally wiped out.  It made a perfect pairing with our cappuccino, macchiato, and café au lait. We needed no coffee sommelier to arrive at that decision.

By the time I got home, I worked on a project and wanted a quick bite of yumminess before I went to bed. Mind you, that isn’t my nightly drill, though. (Am I sounding guilty already? Haha!) I do attempt to avoid extra sugars on a normal day.

I checked my huge loot bag of goodies …. and the only brand left was the less popular player that evening, Milka. Duh. That’s okay. Totally cool, I thought to myself. Rich chocolate biscuit …. still it is.

To my amazement, the more I bit into the Milka goodness, the more I rolled and swirled the chocolate flavor in my mouth, the yummier it actually tasted. Really! The flavors, which had earlier hidden that evening in the presence of “competition”, now grabbed my attention. Being the “sole performer” for me at home, Milka definitely took centerstage. With a thunderous applause from my happy tummy and grateful heart. Yes, I savor rich chocolate biscuits with a lot of heart too. Especially when my brother spoils me with them.

It dawned upon me then that in life, options are powerful gifts indeed. They allow us flexibility, freedom of choice, and multiple roads for greater possibilities.

However, a deeper realization that evening was that in life, when you are focused on what you presently have, it becomes an even more potent gift. Being in the moment crystallizes your current situation and blessings. It deepens your respect for and understanding of what lies before your very eyes. It increases your love and appreciation for what you hold in your hands.

This reminds me of my personal mantra for happiness:  Stay grateful for WHAT you have and WHO you have in life. All of them. Celebrate them!

The next day, I called my brother before he flew back to Australia. I thanked him for our awesome bonding, all the yummy treats, and most importantly, the delicious insights I gained from our “Which Tastes Better Game” (The Battle of the Biscuits).

He asked me if I wanted a truckload of Milka when he visited me again. Trust me, he’s capable of that. I sheepishly said. “Aww thanks, but you don’t have to …..” He smiled and said, “I know, but I really want to…..” So, I candidly blurted out, “Well, let’s give the other rich chocolate biscuits a chance….there are millions out there. Let’s test the other brands too.”

And so, the battle goes on! But I ain’t complaining! Haha! ❤️

3 Cheers for coffee, rich chocolate biscuits, and happy tummies! ☕️☕️☕️



“Eeew spider veins?!? You’ve got spider veins?!? Yuck!!!” Woah! It took my ears a few minutes to recover after hearing that “observation” or insult hurled at me.  I have to admit, it took my heart a week. Okay, staying real, two weeks. Haha!

Sounds quite juvenile on my part to need a long recovery period, huh?  Well, it took much longer for my heart to get over it when I remembered who actually blurted out that “spider vein feedback”. Or, should I say unsolicited advice?

It all happened one light, breezy, sunshiny day. The weather was as gorgeous as it could get. So, I wore a lovely summer dress to celebrate the sunshine. I was definitely “dressed for the occasion”, so to speak.  Light. Breezy. Sunshiny. That’s how I felt deep within. No cares in the world. Just bliss. Ahhh. Pure bliss.

Then, out to nowhere, “you know who”….. (Oh sorry, you DON’T know who …. Well, I’d rather keep it a mystery, if that’s okay with you. It’s a delicate matter of sensitivities. I’d prefer to zero in on some life insights born that day.)….. anyway, to continue, “you know who” jumped at me, both literally and figuratively, and took me by storm. At that point, the weather drastically changed. From a sunshiny happy day to an overcast gloomy day. Or at least, that was the intention of “you know who”. Well, sorry to disappoint her, but her plan was thwarted. No one was going to rain on my sunshiny day, haha!

Initially, I was dumbfounded. However, when I mulled over it, I burst into indignant laughter in my head. I mean, seriously?!? It’s unbelievably hilarious how some people make it a life mission to obliterate the happy hearts around them. The crazily awesome thing about happiness, though, is that when it comes from deep within, no amount of heavy rains, thunderstorms, insults, naysayers, doomsayers, or whatever negatively charged forces there are, can ever cause it to dissipate.

We all pretty much have our own “Cheer Team”. And we celebrate them with love. As for the detractors and green-eyed monsters, sure they may attempt to block our path to the yellow brick sunshiny road, but they ain’t stoppin’ us, no way!

On a personal note, I thought to myself. Hmmmmm. A few spider veins on my thighs (what with all the heels I’ve worn in my earlier teaching/ training days)? Well, I really don’t mind. In fact, I’ve “made friends” with them, haha! They never bothered me anyway. BUUUUT having to deal with spider-veined souls? (Just saying! ….) Now, THAT is totally unacceptable to me. My happiness is non-negotiable!

In my life, amidst the erratic climate ….. the  sudden weather shifts from droughts to torrential rainfall, I choose to embrace the sunshine within me.

So, what did I do that day? I simply smiled and walked away. Yup, that’s me, I don’t stoop to the lowest levels unnecessarily. I wore my phone headset and checked my playlist. Then I happily sang along …. “I can see clearly now, the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way, gone are the dark clouds that had me blind, it’s gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day …. it’s gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day!” ❤️

It’s gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day! ☀️☀️☀️



It’s a brand new day! (Audience response:  APPLAUSE).  With brand new smiles and handshakes. Brand new dreams and aspirations. Brand new hopes and ambitions. Brand new creations and designs. Brand new meetings and workshops. Brand news deals and contracts. Brand new options and solutions.

Weather forecast? Generally sunny skies aaaaall oooover!  (Audience response:  MAJORLY THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE).

Now, in contrast, jump to the next scene.

It’s a brand new day! (Audience response:  SIGH).  With brand new irritations and apprehensions. Brand new nitpicking and criticizing. Brand new anxieties and fears. Brand new foreboding and negativity. Brand new threats and attacks. Brand new problems and complaints.

Weather forecast? Generally heavy rains and thunderstorms aaaaall oooover! (Audience response: LOUDEST SIGH …… MOAN, GROAN, or however you’d articulate insufferable displeasure).

Funny really. Actually, odd. The day presents itself as a neutral point in time. It’s just exactly that. A DAY.

However, our attitudes and mindsets spell all the difference. Do we choose to focus on the positive things in life? That choice propels us to go on. Or do we choose to focus on the negative things in life? That choice weakens us and halts us altogether.

Of course, I’m fully aware that life isn’t a bed or roses. There are expectedly a number of thorns along the way. And yet …. A big YET ….. there are also a plethora of blessings that await us …. a rainbow of renewed hopes that we can hold on to ….  a multitude of miracles that are raring to unfold before our very eyes.

So at the end of the day ….. or should I say, at the beginning of the day (haha!) …. It’s really a matter of focus, of perspective, of angle, of vision.

I may not know what my day holds, but I definitely choose happiness. Yup, aaaaall oooover!

So popping my happy pill, I say, “Hey world, I’m ready for my brand new “BRAND YOU” day! Yeah, bring it on!” ❤️



It’s a beautiful relaxing Sunday. Ahhh my type of day.

Been publishing posts as my imagination inspired me these past few days. And I loved all that happy, vibrant, creative, and pulsating energy.

Thanks so much, dear friends, for having dropped by this week. I was so thrilled with your awesome comments and lovely, diverse rainbow insights. I found our conversations so cool, so intelligent, so fun, so inspiring, so stimulating, so engaging.

Decided to treat myself with special “Me Time” today. A sweet visit to the spa is my kind of pampering.

I know that we pretty much multi-task in this day and age. Yup, even when we desire to be more mindful. It’s simply the name of the game. And we learn the rules to stay in the game, so to speak. We choose to adapt to our fast-evolving environments. We contend with the increasingly pressing demands on us at work, at home, at church, at our communities, at our organizations, and what have you.

So, we all need that sweet spot in our lives. That go-to place when we want to unwind. That sacred space when we want to clear our minds. That Shangri-La when we want to rejuvenate. That personal boardroom when we want to recalibrate. That mountain top when we want to gain a fresh perspective.

Wishing you all a “Sweet Soul Spa” Sunday! With much love and gratitude! ❤️