Nature’s Music

Euphonious burble
of the cascading water…
Dulcet whisper of
the gentle zephyr…

Drizzling raindrops
in staccato rhythm…
Melodious cadence
of psithurism…

Croaking of the frogs
and chirping of crickets…
Cooing of the doves
and buzzing of insects…

Birds chanting
sacred hymns in their abode…
Nature’s mellifluous music
on the play mode…

MIRRORS: A special series of Reflections on Life and Love ❤️

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His Once More

When Heaven shines it’s light upon me,

I’ll not be weighed down by my fears,

Or the tears, of my past fading behind me.

Instead, I’ll look forward towards a blinding 

light, knowing that this time was never taken 

from me, but granted freely, as this time was 

never truly mine, but only graciously extended 

before me. So hark, and heed thusly to how

I’ve used my time because one must know,

that the decision behind my life’s design 

was all mine. I’d sought to leave this world

a better place, with a smile upon my face,

as I spent my time awash, in both captivating

joy, and grace. I bow my head as I await 

my judgment, I fear not for what may come

because I’ve lived a life of love and those

I’ve touched will not soon allow me to be

forgotten. My deeds and love precede me,

as I gaze upon a lustrous golden gate, 

shrowded in white clouds, so opulent and 

proud. My heart’s as full as a chalice, over-

flowing with fine wine. I’ve lived, I’ve loved, 

and I’ve served my time. Comforted 

by the knowledge that in the end, 

all things are fine. I know no fear and walk 

with open arms towards a celestial embrace, 

and in the world behind me, my footsteps 

leave remnants of beautiful sprouting 

blossoms growing in every step from whence, 

I’d sprung, in hues of red, yellow and blue,

encapsulating the world in their aromatic 

perfumes. Every gentle brush of my skin

will still be lingering on the flesh of those 

I’d, at one point, touched before. My adoration

still seeping through their very pores-

forevermore, and then again onto their 

kin, as they revel in the love that only 

a pure soul may bring. For myself, I know 

not, what’s in store. Yet, I was never their’s 

but His, and I’m His once more.

MIRRORS: A special series of Reflections on Life and Love ❤️

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For even more amazing inspiration, do visit Mathew on Blog of the Wolf Boy!

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The strangest thing happened on my way home today. I saw a hearse. Yup, a hearse. Literally, in front of me. I just realized what it was when I needed to slow down due to the building traffic on the road.

And just like that, I went to my rich inner world and played a movie in my mind. Mind you though, I’m a very safe driver with an amazing clean record to boot! Not that I’m turning defensive here (although that’s exactly my driving style, haha!), but I want to assure you of my multi-tasking ability (that is, driving safely on “auto-pilot” and running free with my imagination) when I know the destination so well. And obviously, I’m an expert at locating my home. (Confession:  Ooops! with the help of Waze at times.) Otherwise, I’d be in deep trouble, haha!

Anyway, back to our regular programming (Excuse the side trip or mini digression.), where was I? …. Oh yes, the hearse. It got me thinking ….. Well, a lot of things get me thinking.

I actually saw myself lying there inside the coffin. Safely tucked inside the hearse. Then, after a split second, that scene segued to the funeral rites. People were standing still in deep reflection. Some shed a few tears. Others were sobbing. Melancholy filled the air ….. and it was further punctuated with the droplets of rain that started to fall. It’s as if the sky was crying too.

I snapped out of that odd dream sequence when the car behind me honked. (My thought bubble went, “Okay, okay! I heard you!”)  Then I zoomed to show the car behind me that I was very much alive, haha!

By the time I got home, I chilled and turned on the radio. KISS 102.7 played in full blast “One More Night” …. The lyrics? “So I cross my heart and I hope to die….” Oh c’mon now! Gimme a break! I mean, I adore you, Maroon 5 ….. but really?!?! Of all your awesome songs, you serenade me with this?!?! I would’ve danced immediately if you chose “Sugar” instead!

So that set off my mind to “Wanderland” again….and as you can easily predict, I landed in the same movie that was screening earlier on the road. Talk about perfect timing, I was in sync for the climactic portion ….. the Eulogy.

Ohhhh my heart! At that point, I needed tissue. Boxes and boxes of tissue. Why? I was touched beyond words …. with the outpouring of appreciation, the abundance of gratitude, the showcase of happy memories, the overflowing love. Deep, sweet love. And then the movie camera zoomed out gloriously to take a majestic top shot.

Next scene: Back at home, I smiled. A victorious smile.

So Death, what would they say? Well, I’m writing the script of the century ….. and I’m starting today! ❤️

Just for laughs, I prefer white! 🙂



It’s a beautiful relaxing Sunday. Ahhh my type of day.

Been publishing posts as my imagination inspired me these past few days. And I loved all that happy, vibrant, creative, and pulsating energy.

Thanks so much, dear friends, for having dropped by this week. I was so thrilled with your awesome comments and lovely, diverse rainbow insights. I found our conversations so cool, so intelligent, so fun, so inspiring, so stimulating, so engaging.

Decided to treat myself with special “Me Time” today. A sweet visit to the spa is my kind of pampering.

I know that we pretty much multi-task in this day and age. Yup, even when we desire to be more mindful. It’s simply the name of the game. And we learn the rules to stay in the game, so to speak. We choose to adapt to our fast-evolving environments. We contend with the increasingly pressing demands on us at work, at home, at church, at our communities, at our organizations, and what have you.

So, we all need that sweet spot in our lives. That go-to place when we want to unwind. That sacred space when we want to clear our minds. That Shangri-La when we want to rejuvenate. That personal boardroom when we want to recalibrate. That mountain top when we want to gain a fresh perspective.

Wishing you all a “Sweet Soul Spa” Sunday! With much love and gratitude! ❤️



To blog or not to blog…. that was my question…. I’m sure that not even Shakespeare could’ve helped me with that one haha! I had to do my own homework. I had to do my own soul searching. I needed to have a conference with myself and ask the question that never escaped my heart nor my head. I dug deep into my core to know the very reason, the very motivation, the very inspiration that resonated with my desire to blog in the first place.

And so the movie in my mind began. My inner dialogue unfolded.

“I’m going to start writing down my thoughts. Hmmm, really? Is that a wise thing to do? Yes, surely I’ll gain a much clearer perspective when I see my musings crystallized on paper. Oh, but is that a safe action to take? Wouldn’t that be exposing my passion and pain, my joys and tears , my sunshine and rain, my yin and yang, my hopes and fears, my inclinations and biases, my thoughts and feelings, my insights and ruminations, my heart and head, my very being? Ahhh oh wow, how liberating, how empowering! But then whoa, how revealing, how daunting! Most especially if I ever get subjected to brutal criticism. Sigh.”

I used to struggle. I used to wrestle with that question. I used to second-guess myself. In different moments of my life, I attempted to wear different hats, thinking that the more viewpoints I entertained, the faster it would be for me to arrive at the optimal decision. It became a boxing match between my heart and my head, my head and my heart.

Then came that defining moment in my life. One evening right after dinner, I took my medicines as part of my special kidney care. I silently thanked Our Heavenly Father for all His sweetest guidance and grace, His gentlest love and care. After a few minutes of prayer, I had an instant welling of inspiration to turn my laptop on and start typing. So I pressed into that golden moment and pressed the computer keys. I started pouring out my heart and soul. Although my brain was trying to snap me out of the moment, I kept on typing. I kept on pressing on, both literally and figuratively. And I was overcome with such joy, such peace.

I’ve always dreamt that the two roads in my life would meet at a blissful, serene spot in my core. That night, I cried because I knew that was the blessed moment. My heart and my head had finally embraced each other.

Today, as I am an infant blogger (Haha this is simply my second blog post!), I know that I have a long, long way to go. And I realize that as challenging as it may be, I face this new chapter in my life with brimming hope and inspiration.

I look forward to seeing more and more of life without filters. I am willing to expose my strengths and vulnerabilities in hopes of sharing my lessons learned. I am going to show up in the arena of life. I am ready to write my story, as we all have our own rich stories to tell. I am raring to go on this adventure. To share my insights that may touch a chord in the hearts of some readers. I can hardly wait to capture the photos on my head and the messages in my heart. I am so excited to authentically celebrate all of me in the varying hues and shades of the rainbow. To amplify both the beat in my heart and the song in my head.

I choose to live fully in my space in our world. I choose to respectfully journal my significant moments and thoughts in life. I choose to leave my legacy of love.

Once upon a time, my heart said yes. And my head said no.

Well, now we all know the “happy ending” to this lovely, interesting crossroad. ❤️



Have you ever felt that you were spinning in your head with the next item on your To Do List? Have you ever been swamped with so much work that you didn’t even know how to actually begin? Have you ever been startled by your alarm ringer on your smart phone that you pressed snooze and defiantly curled up in bed? Have you ever been caught in a horrendous traffic jam to the point of getting all antsy and critical spotting all the negatives on the road? Have you ever been barraged with so many texts, missed calls, tweets, and notifications that you wished you could put your phone on silent mode for a century or even throw it out of the window? Have you simply been overwhelmed with today’s unending expectations and demands on you from your family, your relatives, your friends, your colleagues, your clients, your community, your state, your country, and the rest of the universe, oh yes, and social media too?

I have come across a number of days like that in my life. Especially since I have consistently been passionate about loving life and building up others. Making the most out of my life experiences. Striving to bring out the best in others.

As a corporate trainer and training consultant through the years, I’ve partnered with clients to help them uphold their corporate vision and mission statements. We’ve worked on aligning their corporate values with measurable performance goals. We’ve aimed at translating these into professional proactive service behaviors in the line. The task at hand was gigantic, to say the least. And yet, the psychic rewards were beyond compare.

In the corporate arena, I sought to show up every day as my authentic, empathetic, and passionate self.

I would go beyond the lesson plan or process design of each training session I conducted. Sure, my main goal was to meet the terminal objectives set out specifically for the programs. Although candidly, I went beyond. I always loved to go beyond. I wanted to have those add-on lessons of professionalism, personal excellence, respect, care, and love.

In the same vein that many of us can relate to constantly pressing toward excellence in all our chosen fields and passions, many of us have also been saddled with days of media overstimulation and 24/7 demands set upon us by others who likewise want to live life to the fullest.

But what does “living life to the fullest” really mean? What are the standards of measurement? Can it even be quantified through a formula? Are there specific signposts that let you know you’re on the right track?

For many of us today, life has become a non-stop race for success even as one races exclusively with oneself. Life has become a theme park’s most challenging and heart-pounding ride. Life has become a series of exhilarating adventures. Life has become a TV reality show that exposes one’s strengths and vulnerabilities.

And although action and adventure are certified blockbusters in the film industry, there are moments in life that one simply becomes greater with that much needed pause. Yes that seemingly enigmatic moment that escapes the modern man. Time to reflect, to instrospect, to evaluate, to recalculate, to recalibrate, to recharge, to reimagine, to redesign, to rebuild, to rebrand.

For it is only in that sacred space, that personal zone, that Zen mindfulness that one can truly internalize the depth and width, the total circumference of one’s rich meaningful life and even more so, one’s impact on the rest of life itself.

And when one looks within, one hears his heartbeat and feels the pulsating rhythm. He rediscovers his enormous capacity to love. He sees his journey through fresh eyes of awe and wonder. He embraces his commitment to grow. He is reminded that life is filled with infinite possibilities. He is refreshed with renewed vigor, hope, faith, humanness, love.

He is ready to live again. He is inspired to connect with himself and the rest of the world. He is awakened to the bold truth that in this mystery and gift of life, he always has a choice. And he chooses LOVE. ❤️