HI friends! To keep my creative juices flowing, I love to chill and relax. Here’s a fun exercise I enjoy when I want to discover some of my latent hopes and wishes. The crazier the answers, the better for me. That helps my brain switch into higher gears of creativity.

I complete the statement:

If I could ………………., I would …………….

Some of my answers:

1. If I could sing pitch-perfect, I would give a concert for free.

2. If I could fly my own plane, I would go to my favorite spots around the world on a whim.

3. If I could eat anything and not feel limited by dietary restrictions, I would have endless buffets.

4. If I could read minds, I would get into private investigation and solve a lot of crimes.

5. If I could experience osmosis, I would go to libraries and transform my brain into the richest databank.

Haha! So, you guys have a pretty good idea of how it goes!😄💛🌟

Woah, don’t keep me in suspense, though!

How would you complete the statement?

“If I could ………………., I would …………….”

Yay let’s have fun with our “coulds” and “would s”, shall we? ……. or “should” we? Haha! ❤️


It’s a beautiful relaxing Sunday. Ahhh my type of day.

Been publishing posts as my imagination inspired me these past few days. And I loved all that happy, vibrant, creative, and pulsating energy.

Thanks so much, dear friends, for having dropped by this week. I was so thrilled with your awesome comments and lovely, diverse rainbow insights. I found our conversations so cool, so intelligent, so fun, so inspiring, so stimulating, so engaging.

Decided to treat myself with special “Me Time” today. A sweet visit to the spa is my kind of pampering.

I know that we pretty much multi-task in this day and age. Yup, even when we desire to be more mindful. It’s simply the name of the game. And we learn the rules to stay in the game, so to speak. We choose to adapt to our fast-evolving environments. We contend with the increasingly pressing demands on us at work, at home, at church, at our communities, at our organizations, and what have you.

So, we all need that sweet spot in our lives. That go-to place when we want to unwind. That sacred space when we want to clear our minds. That Shangri-La when we want to rejuvenate. That personal boardroom when we want to recalibrate. That mountain top when we want to gain a fresh perspective.

Wishing you all a “Sweet Soul Spa” Sunday! With much love and gratitude! ❤️