“Eeew spider veins?!? You’ve got spider veins?!? Yuck!!!” Woah! It took my ears a few minutes to recover after hearing that “observation” or insult hurled at me.  I have to admit, it took my heart a week. Okay, staying real, two weeks. Haha!

Sounds quite juvenile on my part to need a long recovery period, huh?  Well, it took much longer for my heart to get over it when I remembered who actually blurted out that “spider vein feedback”. Or, should I say unsolicited advice?

It all happened one light, breezy, sunshiny day. The weather was as gorgeous as it could get. So, I wore a lovely summer dress to celebrate the sunshine. I was definitely “dressed for the occasion”, so to speak.  Light. Breezy. Sunshiny. That’s how I felt deep within. No cares in the world. Just bliss. Ahhh. Pure bliss.

Then, out to nowhere, “you know who”….. (Oh sorry, you DON’T know who …. Well, I’d rather keep it a mystery, if that’s okay with you. It’s a delicate matter of sensitivities. I’d prefer to zero in on some life insights born that day.)….. anyway, to continue, “you know who” jumped at me, both literally and figuratively, and took me by storm. At that point, the weather drastically changed. From a sunshiny happy day to an overcast gloomy day. Or at least, that was the intention of “you know who”. Well, sorry to disappoint her, but her plan was thwarted. No one was going to rain on my sunshiny day, haha!

Initially, I was dumbfounded. However, when I mulled over it, I burst into indignant laughter in my head. I mean, seriously?!? It’s unbelievably hilarious how some people make it a life mission to obliterate the happy hearts around them. The crazily awesome thing about happiness, though, is that when it comes from deep within, no amount of heavy rains, thunderstorms, insults, naysayers, doomsayers, or whatever negatively charged forces there are, can ever cause it to dissipate.

We all pretty much have our own “Cheer Team”. And we celebrate them with love. As for the detractors and green-eyed monsters, sure they may attempt to block our path to the yellow brick sunshiny road, but they ain’t stoppin’ us, no way!

On a personal note, I thought to myself. Hmmmmm. A few spider veins on my thighs (what with all the heels I’ve worn in my earlier teaching/ training days)? Well, I really don’t mind. In fact, I’ve “made friends” with them, haha! They never bothered me anyway. BUUUUT having to deal with spider-veined souls? (Just saying! ….) Now, THAT is totally unacceptable to me. My happiness is non-negotiable!

In my life, amidst the erratic climate ….. the  sudden weather shifts from droughts to torrential rainfall, I choose to embrace the sunshine within me.

So, what did I do that day? I simply smiled and walked away. Yup, that’s me, I don’t stoop to the lowest levels unnecessarily. I wore my phone headset and checked my playlist. Then I happily sang along …. “I can see clearly now, the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way, gone are the dark clouds that had me blind, it’s gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day …. it’s gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day!” ❤️

It’s gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day! ☀️☀️☀️


There you were, bursting with joy! Hurrah! Then there they were, aggressively bursting your joy! No, blitzkrieging your joy. Stealing your joy. Raping your joy. Clobbering your joy. Beating breathless your joy. Killing your joy. Eventually.

What?!?! The huge disparity? The Theory of “Polarity” at play?

I find it so unthinkable, so puzzling, so mind-boggling, how some people practically loathe and despise the happiness of others, as if it were malaria, as if it were a much-dreaded incurable disease, as if it were the proverbial plague to avoid.

It makes me wonder beyond comprehension why some people actually “die” at the “birth” or even more interestingly, at the “rebirth” of others. Just when others see the silver lining, just when they wish over the rainbow, just when they hope against all odds, just when they work their asses off, just when they have a new lease on life, just when they renegotiate with life on their own terms, just when they firm their footing on land, just when they regain their bearings at sea, just when they steady their heading in the air.

Oh, help my mind see through their twisted compass.

And when my thoughts swing to the opposite side of the pendulum, I wonder again.

Why are some people “born” or insanely “reborn” at the “death” of others? “Misery loves company”, they say. Well, I say misery is a sick bitch that needs a lot of guidance, advice, counseling, healing, restoration, and “enlightened rebirth”. I mean, what mind, what heart, what being would actually celebrate the loss, the defeat, the pain, the devastation, the storm, the tornado, the avalanche, the sickness, the death of others?

Oh, help my mind see through their twisted “True North”.

Passion overtakes me as I embrace the precious gift of free will. Yes, we always have a choice. We all do. And so, we may never be able to control all the forces. Although, who would ever want to do that anyway? That would be tiringly impossible in the first place. But we can proactively shape the next steps, the next scenes, the next scenarios, the next chapters.

As I mull over these mysteries, a script plays in my head.

You smiled. They cried. Then what? You cried. They smiled. Then what?

The answer lies in the door. It’s as simple as the more they’ll see of you …….. or no more. ❤️

Yes, You Have A Choice.